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Dr Pen Comparison: What's the Difference Between the X5 and the A7?

We get a lot of questions surrounding the differences between devices (See IGTV video covering topic at bottom of post), which is understandable with so many on offer! A common question we receive is, "What's the difference between the X5 and the A7?"

So in this post, it only makes sense we will cover the similarities and differences between these two very popular pens!

Firstly, both devices are fantastic and will do the job. The reason behind this is both devices have an adjustable needle depth ranging from 0.25mm - 2.5mm, so there is no difference in terms of results which can be achieved. The needle depth is the most important factor for microneedling.

The result will depend on the severity of your skin care concern, the depth you use while microneedling, and the quality of the skincare products you use topically. 

Have a read of our depth chart to understand which depth you need for your skin care concern here. 

Keep reading below for our comparison guide. 

Dr Pen Ultima X5 Professional:

Dr Pen X5

Price: $325 


  • LED Speed Display Screen
  • Aluminium Alloy Shell
  • Rotary Depth Dial range from 0.25mm - 2.5mm 
  • Secure screw port needle cartridges (upgrade from the A6)
  • Built-in Battery - can be used cordlessly and is rechargeable 
  • 16000 RPM
  • Nano-needle and microneedle cartridges available

See YouTube tutorial unboxing the X5 here. 

Dr Pen DermaHeal A7 for Scarring and Skin Texture 

Dr Pen A7

Price: $265


  • 34 gauge pin cartridges for less discomfort and less trauma to the skin. The finest needle cartridges on the market! Also suitable for treatment of scarring
  • 2m long cord 
  • 18000 RPM motor - this is the highest speed motor of all devices
  • Cartridges designed to create less drag on the skin, as well as curved needles which can access harder to reach areas such as around nose and eyes
  • Needle depth range from 0.25mm - 2.5mm
  • Nano-needle and microneedle cartridges available

See YouTube comparison of the A7 and A6 here.

So now hopefully you get an idea of how each device differs in terms of features. In short, you will purchase the X5 for the reasons below:

  • You prefer to use your device cordlessly 
  • You prefer an LED speed display screen to tell you which level you are on
  • Discomfort isn't an issue

You will purchase the A7 for the following reasons:

  • The price is more ideal
  • You find microneedling uncomfortable and wish to minimise any discomfort
  • You prefer the finer, curved cartridges suitable for targeting hard to reach areas on the face and/or for treatment of scarring
  • You find other devices cause too much drag
  • You prefer the sleek black and white exterior
  • Having an LED speed display screen and rechargeable device isn't essential 

 So there you have it! Hopefully now this makes more sense to you and your decision will be much more informed. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us on social media or via email here.



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