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Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover infographic
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover infographic
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover infographic
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover infographic
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover infographic with product specifications
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover with results
Image of Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover infographic

Professional Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover

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Professional Laser Hair Removal (At Home!)

Say goodbye to unwanted hair, forever! In just minutes, experience salon-quality IPL Laser Hair Removal from the comfort of your own home. Our professional IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset’s designed to give you powerful, permanent results (that’s painless!).

Powerfully effective & fast

Deeply target hair follicles with 900,000 flashes of IPL energy for effective hair removal. The 0.9 fast flash allows for simple and effective professional laser hair removal to every part of the face and body, with treatments taking under 10 minutes.

Permanent & painless

IPL works by targeting the hair follicle with intense light, which heats up at the root and causes the hair to die. Over time, the hair growth cycle is lessened and eventually stopped. Our IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is painless to use, and you’ll feel only a slight warmth. 

Works on any body part

Safely treat your face and body, including the Brazillian area. Our IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset uses clinical-grade technology that is safe and effective. 

Safe & Adjustable

Switch modes with a simple tap of a button, with modes visible on the large LCD screen. The in-build sensor chip means that there will be no flash without skin contact, which allows for long-term safe use of this powerful IPL hair remover for years to come. 

Suitable for sensitive skin

Sessions are quick, easy, painless - and even safe for sensitive skin types. Our IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset permanently reduces hair growth anywhere on the face and body within just a few sessions. 

How does IPL hair removal work?

The melanin absorbs light energy from IPL in the hair, which turns to heat and destroys the hair follicle. The hair regrowth then slows down progressively after each treatment. You’ll see visible results in only 3 weeks and full results within 12 weeks. 

Does IPL hair removal hurt?

IPL hair removal is quick and painless! The feeling is like a sensation of warmth on the skin.No more painful waxing, pesky tweezing or time-consuming shaving! 

Is there anyone who can’t do IPL?

Because IPL targets melanin, it’s most suitable for darker hair and fairer skin. Someone with reddish or lighter hair may require 1-2 more sessions than someone with brunette hair.

It’s suitable for all skin colours except for very dark skin, as the light targets melanin. It is safe to use for people with tattoos and freckles/moles, however, going over tattoos/freckles/moles is not recommended. 

How to use the IPL Laser Hair Removal Device: 

Step 1: Plug cord into IPL device and connect to a powerpoint 

Step 2: Turn the IPL device on by holding down the little “on” button 

Step 3: Select or change level by pressing the “on” button

Step 4: Level number indicated on the display screen. Tip: First-time users, start on a lower level and work your way up until comfortable

Step 5: Move device along the area you wish to remove hair

Step 6: Turn off by holding down the "off" button for a few seconds

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dr Pen delivers the goods once again

DISCLAIMER: I am an advanced clinical Registered Nurse, and as such would advocate that you research clinical journal articles (or at least credible beautician literature) to strengthen your knowledge base.
Our IPL arrived from Perth and the Significant Other (SO) could not wait to have his back and shoulders done.
That was done that same evening. It was quick, clean and easy. Just remember the following - think about the colour of the skin you are using it on and the hair colour. If this doesnt make sense to you then you need to research more! If you are mindful of these things though you will not damage yourself. He also requested the Femvy ultrasound cleaning tool serum treatment, then a Femvy light treatment. He owes me big.
Anyway this little handheld IPL device is the badboy in your beauty arsenal, and should not be understimated. I looked at other uses for IPL and recalled that it was originally developed for removing birth marks and small vascular corrections - IE spider veins etc.
I did the spider veins in my ankles and left foot, and I have to say a week and a half after the first treatment, those small spiderveins are less purple and now a lighter coloured rose pink. I will treat them again on day 14 and then a month after that if needed.
Same with the SO's back and shoulders. treatment 1, then 14 days later treatment 2, then monthly after that until not needed.
It is also good at a lower setting for removing sun-damage and for skin rejuvenation, but once again READ UP before you go hard! The literature is out there if you sniff around the internet for it. Just remember - start slow and go low.
Would I recommend this tool? heck yes! a good value addition to your personal care procedures. What's not to love! Thanks Dr Pen. :)


Professional Permanent Laser Depilatory Hair Remover

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