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Very good

I loved my dr pen

The ptd light therapy has been a god send, it has worked wonders on my rosacea. it was fantastic and and great purchase.

Femvy Light Therapy Mask

I received the mask very promptly after ordering it. It appears to be of very high quality and has very clear instructions on its use. I have used the mask twice as directed on face (with the face mask) and the neck and backs of hands (with the neck mask). I have had no problems arising from the treatments but I don’t expect to see any results yet. I am looking forward to seeing some improvement in skin quality and sun damage after a few months of regular treatment. I am very happy with the mask at this stage.

Have received

Have received my Dr Pen, I have had to wait to use it as I have been using active products, will use this weekend.


Love it very easy to work with and plus i received mine with in two working days .

Dr Pen

Great product and great customer service .

Ultima 6

Thank you so much. Love it.

Post workout

The 16 Pin Replacement Cartridges for the M8 PowerDerm are great. They give you a nice even surface. I'm so happy with my purchase. It was great value for money and the delivery time was very quick.

Amazing products!

I’m a skincare junkie and I have to say this is an amazing hyaluronic acid serum!

So far so good... just wondering how many times a cartridge can be used

Serum 3 pack

I use these 3 products regularly and my 62 year old skin is looking fresh and quite radiant. Love these serums combined with needling...thankyou

PDT Light Therapy machine

I run a small salon and this is perfect , it doesn’t take a lot of room easy to set up and very user friendly and very professional looking and consistent results . Would purchase again from Dr pen . A great service and delivery was fast


Exactly what I was looking for

Great investment... thank you

Dr. Pen M5

Works well and have had great results.

Very good product

Great and fast!!

Makes my skin feel and look amazing

Good quality

Good quality and easy to used

Dr Pen M8

The M8 is delivered quickly by Dr Pen AU. It is nicely packaged & comes with two 16 needle cartridges. It is rechargeable for cordless use. It’s light & easy to use. The only drawback is the needle depth markers are barely visible. The led screen should be for the needle depths and the metal turning control should be for the speed, this would make it much easier to operate. It’s so hard to see the markers to change the needle depth. Other than that small design fault I am very happy with my purchase.

Love it.

A powerful little hand held device that delivers a deep clean and relaxing vibration. Love the added benefit of LED massage.

Ultimate bundle

Received my order in good time.
Used the vacuum - works really well.
Everything in the bundle was there but 1 missing item. MISSING ITEM from the bundle. missing the hyaluronic acid serum from the order.
A little disappointing. I also not that the serum was not in stock for the welcome gift. I would like a refund or for you to post the missing item. Would there be any extra compensation?

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