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A6S = happy

I have used it once and I am happy with results!

Femvy LED Glow Wand for Light Therapy


LOVE this mask! I've been using it up to 5 times a week and it actually HAS made a difference to the tightness of my skin - neck too - which is why I purchased it. I'm 48 and was starting to notice looser skin, sagging and discolouration. This works! I've tried EVERY cream on the market but if you need something more, this is for you.

Highly recommend, even for the beginner.

I bought my Dr Pen M8 after doing a bit of research on you tube and deciding the M8 was the choice for me. The Dr Pen you tube videos were very informative and easy to follow. I have only used my M8 on a small section of my face as I’m a complete novice but already my skin feels different. I can’t wait to do a full face treatment and reap the rewards. It is easy to use and with the use of numbing cream, minimal discomfort is felt. I can’t wait to see the effects in a few months’ time. Highly recommend, even for the beginner.

Vit C Serum

The texture of this serum is so smooth & light. I think it will become a fav!


This little gadget is fabulous, I have used it twice now the first time just along my hair line to test it and the second all over my face neck and chest, setting at 1.5 I was quite red for a couple of hours then it settled, next day just a few spots over my face but nothing seriously noticeable. Cant wait to see the results in a week or 2. For me it wasn't at all painful anywhere and I did not use numbing cream, just thoroughly cleansed my face prior and then wiped over with a mild alcohol solution.. After the treatment I wiped my face with hydrogen peroxide and left it for 24hrs before applying hyuloronic serum and then moisturizer, skin feels a little tight and dry, But looks fresh and feels soft.. Don't hesitate...Buy one, you won't regret it!!!!

Great product!

This serum is not too thick and feels really nice.

Excellent product

Excellent product, highly recommend. My skin has improved dramatically since owing my own dr pen and is so much more cost efficient doing it yourself. I bought the M8 pen.

Dr Pen M8

Just finished using the Dr. Pen M8 for the first time. I am pleasantly surprised at how easy the device is to use. So much more convenient and seemingly effective than manual derma rollers. I love that I can perform this treatment myself at home which will save me time and money. Looking forward to regular monthly sessions and the skin improvements that will happen as a result.

EAORON Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Hydrating Face Mask (25ml 5 Piece)

Life changing

I’m in my 30s and I’m going through a second puberty. I have normal/oily skin and enlarged pores. Ive been struggling with deep cystic acne and lots of blackheads. I’ve been using it for two weeks and my skin is amazing. This is the first tool that I’ve been impressed by!

Super Fast Post

Ordered one day received the next, also received free gift.


Just finished using my Dr Pen M8 for the first it and just ordered more needles. This is going to be a regular routine for my beauty. Happy :)
PS....can anyone please tell me what's the difference for the skin in using 16 or 36 pin needles??

Love it!

I was surprised how nice the packaging was, the pen works flawlessly too, definitely recommend it

Face mask

Great timely shipping-thank you

Amazing product

Bright clear skin

It’s actually too early for a review, used the device once with a 1% hyaluronic acid serum and the real results can only be seen after months but my skin looks already brighter and is very clear. Would recommend it 100% as I know the next rounds will even be better.

My first pen

Using a pen is a game changer. After using a derma roller for 6 months I can safely report - the pen is less painful and enables a quicker, more intense treatment with the ability to select needle depth based on area.

Using more serums during the needling sessions was also different.

Tip: You really need to position the pen at 90degrees to the face at all times as you move around the contours of the face. You dont need to press down.

As I worked I slowly increased the speed. I used the 4 speed on my cheeks but a 1-2 on my forehead.

Changing out the needle depth is easy but as the numbers are etched onto silver - it can be hard to read.

Twisting the battery onto charger I found a little challenging - the two parts twist onto each other / but I could not get them to screw into each other. I thought it was defective initially. The angle has to be absolutely perfect. Batteries didn’t come pre-charged so charge as soon as you get it if you want to try wireless.

The pen came with 2 x 16 needle cartridges. And my needling experience to date has been with these.

I have bought separately the Nano cartridges, 36- and 16-pins.

I look forward to trying it on the body and using BBGlow and other serums.

11 Pin Replacement Cartridges for A6S Ultima 10X


I have a few scars and so far I’ve tried one session on 2mm depth and the healing process is really amazing and I’m hopeful that after 6-8 sessions I should see great improvement in the appearance of my scars. Thanks 😊


Very nice serum, your face looks fresh and glowing and feels very soft.

Dr. Pen M8

I really like the product

Natural Organic Vitamin C Serum

Great product I already feel my skin tone brighter.

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